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My name is Arjen Jongeneel and I am a composer and sound designer based in Zutphen, the Netherlands. I specialize in creating unique soundworlds that blur the line between music and sound.

I'm clasically trained, and combined with a love for technology, can create a wide variety of musical styles, whether they are electronic beats or an orchestral score.

2010 Marks the start of my career, after I graduated with honors in 'Composition in Context' at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Over the years, I've had the pleasure to work on many commercials, short films, idents, animations and events for clients like Reebok, Heinken, Asics, Stone Island and more. Check out a selection of my portfolio below for the finished projects.

To listen to a compilation of my recent music, you can click the play button above. To listen to one of the previous music reels click here. I've also created a sound design reel, which you can check out below.

You can contact me for:

  • Composition (custom music, soundscapes, sonic branding)
  • Sound design (sound effects, foley, field recording)
  • Audio post production (audio restoration , mixing using the EBU R128 standard)
  • Any questions and/or inquieries you might have!
  • Email:
    Phone: +31 6 45761572


    Arjen Jongeneel | Composition & Sound Design

    +31 6 45761572

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